Quarantine Fun with a Macro Lens

Like many of you reading this, I’ve spent a lot more time at home these past few weeks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that is rapidly spreading across the globe. I’m fortunate enough that my job can be done remotely (though I do miss actually seeing my team and colleagues in person), but it’s the personal side of these uncertain times that I think has the largest effect.

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I Tried UberEATS, and I’ll Do it Again!

It would seem as though Uber is one of those companies that comes into a city, disrupts the status quo, causes chaos, and then happily and merrily moves along to the next city. Along the way, they introduce new things business ventures that are usually just a slight variation on their tried and true model. Though UberPOOL – a way for ordinary drivers to arrange for carpools with complete strangers – has been in the news recently, what interested me more today had to do with food.

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Instagrams from the Philippines

On my recent trip to the Philippines, I made sure to stay in touch with the social world in effective, yet simple ways. Even though I brought with me my trusted Fujifilm X100s digital camera (which is my trusted travel camera), my Apple iPhone 6 came out of my pocket every now and then to snap a photo here and there. These are the photos that I was happy enough with to post to Instagram for all to see. I have also included the caption that I added to the photos when they were originally posted.

greenhills shopping mall in philippines
It’s like Pacific Mall, but crazier

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Live Claritin Clear in Toronto

There’s a whole bunch of talk about social media lately. Everywhere I go, its ‘tweet this’ and ‘like that’. Honestly, I don’t mind. As a self proclaimed social media maniac, I endorse social media in pretty much everything in my daily life… And if it were possible for me to ‘check in’ to a massive advertisement in the sky, I’d definitely do that too.

Claritin today surprised pretty much everyone in and around downtown Toronto by making the ultimate tweet in the sky. To the shock and awe of many, they recruited 5 planes with coordinated dot matrix printing to install several giant and temporary billboards reading “Live Claritin Clear Today”. My take on this – pure awesome.

Unfortunately, I was one of the many who didn’t see it, as I was cooped up inside the office. It wasn’t until one of my coworkers who happend to be outside at the time told me about it. And that’s when I went to Google. In case you missed it, here’s what it looked like:

Live Claritin - Toronto Skywriting
“Live Claritin” – used under CC licence from http://bit.ly/m1bRFY



The Lowepro Street & Field System

A couple of months ago, Lowepro held a launch event for their brand new line of bags and support systems, the Street & Field collection. The Thompson Landry gallery in the distillery district of Toronto graciously hosted photographers, videographers, and invited enthusiasts alike. Of the many delicious offerings, the camera-shaped cake that the Lowepro marketing team had specially made for the night almost, well, took the cake. On display around the gallery were images from the Photosensitive collection – a not for profit organization that uses photography to help those who are less fortunate – and many t-shirt-clad mannequins donned in the extensive and impressive options that Lowepro has to offer.

A most unfortunate event has happened at least once to every photographer – you miss the shot because you were not prepared. The decisive moment cannot come together if lens, camera, and sometimes flash come together first. The Street & Field collection provides the first step to removing the issue of unpreparedness.

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